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Brexit negotiations are among the most pressing issues currently facing the European Union. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for developing Poland's negotiating stance in cooperation with the relevant ministries.

To this end, as early as July 2016, an inter-ministerial working group on brexit negotiations, leaded by the Secretary for European Affairs, was established. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs cooperates also with the European Commission’s Task Force on Article 50 and with other EU Member States.

Cooperation conducted at various levels and Poland's proactive approach paved the way for a beneficial draft of the so-called withdrawal agreement of the United Kingdom from the European Union, especially in the area of citizens' rights and financial settlement, as well as a draft declaration setting out the framework for a future EU-UK relations. Even though the draft agreement has been reached, there is no certainty as to whether it will enter into force. For this reason, for months now, both at the national and EU level, intensive preparations have been underway for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU without a deal.