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Civil Society Forum - July 4


The Civil Society Forum is one of the forms of cooperation, consultations, exchange of ideas and sharing experience among NGOs and civil society representatives, that was established also within the framework of the Berlin Process. Strengthening civil society represents one of four priorities of the Polish Presidency in the Berlin Process, alongside with security, connectivity and economy, and it is extraordinarily focused on “interactions”. Therefore, within the Western Balkans Summit Poznań 2019, numerous experts and activists will gather in the premises of Poznań International Fair on July 4th, to discuss, in a wider perspective, the future and the current situation of the region.

For the benefit of all participants, Civil Society Forum is organized back-to-back with Business Forum, so those attending one of the events can freely choose which particular discussions they would like to listen to and/or take active part in.

Panels are planned with active presentation of only few speakers, but also in two-hours-time slots, to enable long enough Q&A sessions, for everyone interested in commenting or presenting counter arguments. Most of the panels discussions are to enjoy participation of single Ministers of Foreign Affairs, who would be also discussing issues related to Civil Society’s reality in the region during their ministerial session on that day. 

Addressing the “need to be heard”, which was the most vocal expectation of Western Balkans third sector’s representatives, expressed in the consultations taking place this year, Polish Presidency to the Berlin Process also intends to attend the concluding session of CSF, to listen to all of postulates and outcomes deriving from all panel discussions – in order to present them concisely during the Meeting of the Leaders on July 5th.

July 4th will be concluded with few presentations of regular citizens coming from the region. Session called “Stories from the Balkans” aims on revealing the richness of good and interesting stories proving sensitivity, diversity, creativity and lots of positive emotions present in the Western Balkans. 

Looking forward to seeing you at panel discussions:

Stepping up the regional transformation efforts to advance the EU integration path

Local initiatives solving local problems

Better environment for better living

Disinformation&Hybrid Threats for Democracy

Anti-corruption as a first condition for economic growth

Overcoming the legacy of the past

Our region – our cultures

Joint voices of the Civil Society


All of our guests are kindly invited to join us for lunch, served at 12.30 – 13.30 and dinner, served at 19.30 in the venue where Civil Society Forum and Business Forum take place. There are no coffee breaks foreseen at two Forums, however coffee is to be provided during the day.



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