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Department of Consular Affairs

The consular service’s principal task is to protect the interests of the Polish State and its citizens abroad. The way this is carried out is of major practical importance to millions of Poles who go abroad on a temporary or permanent basis.

One of the tasks of the Department of Consular Affairs is to oversee the performance of duties by the consuls of the Republic of Poland. The Department’s representatives participate in implementing and defining the rules of foreign and EU cooperation in the field of consular affairs, with a focus on the movement of people, visa policy, migration policy, and consular assistance. An important part of the Department’s work is concerned with analysing national legislation in terms of its impact on the scope and way of performing consular activities. Moreover, the Department initiates and conducts negotiations concerning international agreements on consular affairs.

The MFA Department of Consular Affairs includes an Operations Centre, which monitors international developments, especially crisis situation, in a 24/7 framework. The Operations Centre also supports an Integrated Hotline, through which Poles abroad can get in touch with a duty consul outside a mission’s business hours.

Operating within the Department of Consular Affairs is also the MFA Consular Information Centre, which provides an effective hotline service to Poles in Ireland, the Netherlands, the UK, and France.

Tel.: +48 22 523 9444
Fax: +48 22 523 8872