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Inspectorate of the Foreign Service

The Inspectorate of the Foreign Service includes:

  • The Internal Inspections Section, which is tasked with ensuring personnel security at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the diplomatic missions;
  • The Diplomatic Security Section, which is responsible for ensuring diplomatic security at the diplomatic missions;
  • The Information Security Section, which works to ensure the security of information that is processed at the Ministry of Foreign and the diplomatic missions;
  • The Physical Protection Section, which ensures physical protection of the diplomatic missions;
  • The Crisis Management and Defence Affairs Section, which carries out the tasks of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and its subordinate units in such areas as crisis management, defence affairs, civil defence and anti-terrorist operations, except for matters related to Polish citizens abroad.


Tel.: +48 22 523 9487, +48 22 523 9587
Fax: +48 22 628 6313