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Minister's Secretariat

The Minister's Secretariat handles matters related to the activity of the Minister of Foreign Affairs as a supreme body of state administration and a member of the Council of Ministers.

It supports the Minister in its cooperation with the Polish President, Sejm, Senate, Prime Minister and members of the Council of Ministers, Supreme Audit Office (NIK) and other entities. It coordinates and supervises tasks stemming from the work of the Council of Ministers and the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers. The Secretariat coordinates the drafting of the Minister’s responses to interpellations, Deputies’ questions and requests made by Sejm and Senate committees. It is responsible for organizing the Minister’s visits and meetings.

It suggests solutions and oversees efforts to modernize the Ministry and the Foreign Service. It coordinates the preparation of the descriptive part of the Ministry’s budget, the drawing up of a performance budget, the internal control and risk management in the government administration branches directed by the Minister, and the implementation of the Minister’s decisions based on internal legislation, instructions and other decisions. It drafts the Minister’s action plan and reports on its implementation in accordance with the Law on Public Finances. It deals with matters related to the implementation of the Corruption Threat Prevention System. It administers funds which are at the Minister’s disposal.


Tel.: +48 22 523 9201
Fax: +48 22 625 7652