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Practical information

Airport, location, accommodation, discovering Poznań.

Poznań Old Town


More information on the registration procedure will be available soon. All the information for journalists can be found in “For media”.

Poznań-Ławica Henryk Wieniawski Airport

Poznań-Ławica Airport is located ca. 7 km from the city center and Poznań International Fair, where the Western Balkans Summit Poznań 2019 will take place.

In the main hall of the airport we will establish an information point for the Summit participants. Volunteers will be there, providing all guidance. There will be shuttle buses to the hotels and MTP provided for the participants during the biggest concentration of arrivals. More info will be made available soon.


You may visit the Airport’s website.

Poznań International Fair

Poznań is a city with almost a hundred years old tradition of organizing fairs. Poznań International Fair, owned by the MTP Group, is a modern fairground complex located in the heart of Poznań, at Głowoska street. It consists of 212.5 hectares of terrain, including 17 air-conditioned, modern pavilions. The Civil Society Forum and the Business Forum will take place in the pavillion 7.  A journey from Poznań-Ławica Airport to the Poznań International Fair takes about 20 minutes.


More information

Hotel reservation

Participants of the events of the Western Balkans Summit can make reservations on their own or via:

World Trade Center

Pani Joanna Roś


Mobile: +48 609 678 321

The following hotels are located near the Poznań International Fair:

HOTEL SHERATON 5*, ul. Bukowska 3/9, Poznan 60-809              

CITY PARK RESIDENCE 5*, ul. Wyspiańskiego 26a, 60-751 Poznań            

ANDERSIA HOTEL 4*, Plac Andersa 3, 61-894 Poznań     

HOTEL NH 4*, ul. Św. Marcin 67, 61-806 Poznań             

HOTEL MERCURE POZNAŃ CENTRUM 4*, ul. Roosevelta 20, 60-829 Poznań             

HOTEL NOVOTEL CENTRUM POZNAŃ 4*, Plac Andersa 1, 61-898 Poznań              

PARK INN BY RADISSON 4*, ul. Szyperska 22, 61-754 Poznań      

HOTEL PURO 4*, ul.Stawna 12, 61-759 Poznań  

HOTEL MODERNO 4*, ul. Kolejowa 29, 60-718 Poznań   

DON PRESTIGE  4*, ul. Św. Marcin 2, 61-803 Poznań      

HAMPTON BY HILTON POZNAŃ 3*, ul. Św.Marcin 6, 61-803 Poznań              

HOTEL NOVOTEL MALTA POZNAŃ 3*, Plac Andersa 1, 61-898 Poznań   

IBIS POZNAŃ CENTRUM ( w Novotelu) 3*, Plac Andersa 1, 61-898 Poznań              

HOTEL ALTUS 3*, ul. Św. Marcin 40, 61-807 Poznań      

HOTEL GAJA 3*, ul. Gajowa 12, 61-663 Poznań  

HOTEL FOCUS 3*, ul. Serafitek 6, 61-044 Poznań   

Discovering Poznań

Poznań is a city of numerous attractions. Located in the middle of the way between Warsaw and Berlin, is not only a perfect place to organize international events, but also a vital hub of business, science, culture and art. It is in Poznań, at the Adam Mickiewicz University, where the biggest center of Balkanic Studies in Poland has been established. Archcathedral of St. Piotr and Paweł, including the architecture of Ostrów Tumski, the Royal Caste, the Old Market and the famous Poznań goats on the City Hall, Cytadela Park, National Museum – these are only a couple of many places worth visiting in Poznań. Please, feel encouraged to explore Poznań, try its delicious traditional cuisine and experience the everyday life of its inhabitants, while participating in the Western Balkans Summit.

More information can be found:

The City of Poznań’s website

Local transport

Tourist information