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Draft „Energy Policy of Poland until 2040”

Consultation on „Energy Policy of Poland until 2040”

The Ministry of Energy submits for public consultation a draft version of „Energy Policy of Poland until 2040”. The PEP2040 is the main strategic document in the energy sector.

The document addresses the most important challenges that Polish energy sector will be facing in the next two decades and includes the main target, strategic directions, as well as corresponding measures to be implemented in the short-term perspective.
The Policy presents eight strategic directions:

  1. Optimal use of domestic energy resources,
  2. Development of the electricity generation and transmission infrastructure,
  3. Diversification of natural gas and oil supply and development of infrastructure,
  4. Development of energy markets,
  5. Launch of nuclear energy,
  6. Development of renewable energy sources,
  7. Development of heating sector and cogeneration,
  8. Improving energy efficiency.

Apart from the Policy itself, the Ministry of Energy also presents the following documents:

  • PEP 2040 abstract – it allows easier access to the main findings described in the document,   
  • Key findings emerging from electricity projections until 2040  (more analyses to come in the near future as a result of ongoing work regarding the preparation of the National Energy and Climate Plan for 2021-2030 which will include more comprehensive analytical material),

The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) will be carried out after the public consultation process regarding PEP2040 has been completed.

Comments may be submitted until 15th of January 2019  via e-mail: polityka.energetyczna@me.gov.pl.


PEP 2040 abstract
EN​_Extract​_EPP2040.pdf 0.58MB
Key findings emerging from electricity projections until 2040
EN​_EPP2040​_graphics.pdf 1.04MB
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18.12.2018 17:31 Aneta Ciszewska