Barbara Brodowska-Mączka

Director General

  • Barbara Brodowska-Mączka

    Barbara Brodowska-Mączka


She took up the position of CEO on 16 July 2018.

Graduate of the Law and Administration Faculty at the Warsaw University (Financial Law Department, 1999). Participant of Centre for Latin-American Studies.

Working for the Ministry of Finance since February 2000. She worked in the budget department dealing with, among others, financing of infrastructure, transport, government investments, in particular concerning health, study, modernisation of state services and culture. She managed the budget in the area of economic affairs. Expert in the field of public finances, including financing of public finance entities.

She was a member of many groups and teams, including interdepartmental ones, as a specialist in the field of financial issues, among others in the team organising World Youth Days. She began her carrier from the position of clerk and was promoted to the post of minister's advisor, and between 2014-2016 and in 2018 she held the position of deputy director of the Economy Financing Department.

Married, three children.


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