Chief superintendent Piotr Walczak

Secretary of State, Head of the National Revenue Administration

  • Chief superintendent Piotr Walczak

    Chief superintendent Piotr Walczak


Graduate from the Philosophical and Historical Faculty of the University of Łódź and postgraduate studies at the University of Łódź in the scope of accounting and financial management as well as crime problems - European Post-graduate Study of Crime Problems.

Since 1997 employed in the Customs Service as an officer performing tasks in the scope of control and combating crime. In the years 2007-2012 and 2014-2017 he held management positions in the Customs Service, acting in the capacity of deputy director and director in customs chambers in Łódź and Kielce. In 2012-2014 he performed service at the Ministry of Finance; in 2012, he participated in the International EU/UNDP EUBAM mission in Moldova and in Ukraine, where he supported the establishment of mobile groups for Moldova Customs Service (Groups).

In 2017 - deputy head of the Customs Service and coordinator for the establishment of the Department for Combating Economic Crime at the Ministry of Finance.

From March 22, 2017 - Deputy Head of National Revenue Administration, supervisor Analysis Department, Customs Department and Department for Combating Economic Crime at the Ministry of Finance.

Awarded with the silver Medal of Merits for the Police, Medal of Merits for the (Nadwiślański Branch of the) Border Guard and the Brown Award of Merits for the Customs Service.

May 11, 2018 - appointed by the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, to the rank of chief superintendent of the Customs and Tax Control Service in the generals' corps.

Married, with two children.


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