Leszek Skiba

Undersecretary of State, Chief Spokesman for Public Finance Discipline

  • Leszek Skiba

    Leszek Skiba


Leszek Skiba specializes in macroeconomics. He graduated from Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) majoring in international economic and political relations (2002). Then, until 2009 he was a research scientist at the School of Business - National Louis University.

From 2009 to November 2015 Mr. Skiba was employed at the National Bank of Poland (NBP), initially in the Bureau for the Integration with the Euro Area, and from 2011 at the Economic Institute, where he was in charge of the analysis of the economic situation in the Euro zone, the functioning of Economic and Monetary Union and the preparation of macroeconomic projections for the Euro area that contributed to NECMOD model. Mr Skiba is the co-author of, among others, the last Euro area report of NBP "Economic challenges of Polish integration with the Euro area".

Since 2009 he has cooperated with the Sobieski Institute first as an expert, then a board member and since 2013 Chairman of the supervisory board of the Institute. He is the author and co-author of reports on the political economy concerning the decision-making center of government in modern European countries as well as on the structural reforms to support growth of the Polish economy.

Leszek Skiba collects historical atlases from different European countries. He is married and has two children.


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