Piotr Dziedzic

Undersecretary of State, Deputy Head of the National Revenue Administration, General Inspector of Financial Information, Government Commissioner for Combating Fraud against Republic of Poland or European Union

  • Piotr Dziedzic

    Piotr Dziedzic


Piotr Dziedzic is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Warsaw University.

From 1997 he was employed in the Ministry of Finance in positions related to control and combating crime. Representative of the Ministry of Finance in the Interministerial Team for Terrorist Threats (Permanent Expert Group). During his professional career he carried out the tasks of the authorities concerned with constitutional order  protection of the Republic of Poland, focusing on the internal security protection of the state and citizens.

From January 2016 he was Deputy Director of the Customs, Tax and Gambling Control Department. In July 2016 he was promoted to the position of Director of this Departament. From March 2017 to June 2019 he acted as Director of the Department for Combating Economic Crime.

Decorated with Bronze Cross of Merit and Bronze Medal for Long Service.

He is married with two children.


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