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Sebastian Skuza

Secretary of State

Sebastian Skuza - Secretary of State

Graduate of the Faculty of Law of the European School of Law and Administration and the Warsaw School of Economics. In 1997 he graduated in finance and banking at the Warsaw School of Economics, obtained PhD degree in economic sciences in 2002 and habilitation degree in 2016. He was a scholarship holder at the IMF Financial Market Instruments Vienna Institute IMF. His doctoral conferment process has been initiated at the Faculty of Law of the Lazarski Univeristy.

He has been associated with public institutions and financial market institutions for the last 20 years. In 1997-2012 he worked in the Financial Policy and Analysis Department and the Financial Market Development Department of the Ministry of Finance.

In the years 2006-2013 he was a member of the Exchange Supervisory Board. Since 2007 he has been associated with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego where he was the Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board, then Managing Director and Director of the Compliance Office. In 2010-2012 he represented the competent minister in charge of financial institutions in the Interministerial Committee on Financial Security, operating at the General Inspector of Financial Information. He was a member of the Supervisory Board of the National Capital Fund S.A. He has been a member of the Ethics Committee at the Polish Bank Association since 2017. On June 23rd 2017, he was appointed Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education.

For many years he collaborated with many universities namely the Faculty of Organization and Management (Department of Economics), the Lodz University of Technology, the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw, the Kozmiński University in Warsaw, the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. In 2019, he became a professor at the University of Warsaw. In 2019 he was a member of the Łukasiewicz Research Network Council.

Author or co-author of about 170 publications in the field of public finance, capital market, banking and financial stability.

He speaks English, German and Russian.