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Deputy Minister - Under-Secretary of State Paweł Woźny

Deputy Minister - Under-Secretary of State Paweł Woźny

Paweł Woźny was born on April 5, 1971. He graduated from two faculties at the University of Warsaw - neophilology with a specialization in iberistics and the faculty of economic sciences.

He has many years of experience in diplomacy. From 1997 he worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and dealt with Poland's relations with Latin American countries, diplomatic support for Polish enterprises abroad and the support of representatives of the Republic of Poland candidates for positions in international institutions and organizations, including NATO, UN and OSCE.

He also has an extensive experience from his work in Polish diplomatic missions abroad. In the years 2001–2006 he was the second secretary for political, economic, cultural, press and security matters at the Polish Embassy in Caracas, in the years 2007–2010 he worked as the first secretary for economic, promotion and security at the Polish Embassy in Bogota. Then, in the period 2012-2018, he was the head of the Political and Economic Department at the Polish Embassy in Mexico, also responsible for security issues. From February to August 2018 he was the temporary head of a diplomatic mission (chargé d’affaires a.i.) in Mexico.

He participated in international courses and seminars in the field of foreign policy and the functioning of the European Union:

  • Course for foreign diplomats at the Diplomatic Academy in Madrid,
  • Seminar "EU Decision-making after the Lisbon Treaty",
  • Seminar for Senior Diplomats "The EU - A Global Actor",
  • Course at Colegio de México "Foreign policy of Mexico and Latin America".

On September 9, 2019, Paweł Woźny was appointed as Under-Secretary of State in the Ministry of National Defence. He will be responsible for MoND international affairs.