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2ND Polish-British Science Forum: Women in STEM


On 20th of September, Polish Embassy in London, the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the British Embassy in Warsaw and the UK Science and Innovation Network will jointly host a unique event to showcase the best of science collaboration between the Republic of Poland and the United Kingdom at the Senate House in London. 

Polish-British Forum

The 2nd Polish-British Science Forum: Women in STEM will bring together top scientists, who will speak on the challenges and opportunities for women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). 

The Forum aims at deepening and strengthening the relations between Poland and the UK in the field of science, research and innovation. Its goal is also to keep going the momentum picked up at last year’s 1st British-Polish Science Forum organised in Warsaw as part of the British-Polish Year of Entrepreneurship, Science and Innovation (YESI). This year’s Forum will provide a platform for government officials, researchers, educators and universities as well as ed-tech entrepreneurs to connect with each other. The event’s participants will gain first-hand information about the way Poland and UK enhance gender equality in STEM as well as identify new areas for collaboration in STEM and the wider digital economy. They will also discuss the impact of new technologies, namely Artificial Intelligence (AI)  and machine learning, on societies and gender equality. 

Speaking about the event, Ambassador of Poland Arkady Rzegocki said: “The 2nd Polish-British Science Forum is a great opportunity to strengthen collaboration in the field of research, science and innovation between Poland and the United Kingdom and to create a network of contacts and partnerships. It is extremely important to raise awareness and discuss the issues facing STEM today, such as the need for increased female representation, especially at a time when Poland is experiencing dynamic economic growth and development.” 

“I welcome the fact that new joint initiatives discussed during the last Polish-British Intergovernmental Consultations are becoming a reality. Ministry of Science and Higher Education is interested in building a strong partnerships between Polish and British agencies supporting research, development and mobility of scientist. Topics identified so far - artificial intelligence, biotechnology and science with particular emphasis on physics, computer science and mathematics, would be a good starting point for joint research programs. Forum gives an unique opportunity to exchange information and learn about each other's potential,” said Anna Budzanowska, General Director, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, who will inaugurate the Forum on 20th of September.

The Forum consists of thematic workshops and blocks led by high-level representatives of universities, research and innovation institutions, including Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), Intel Corporation and the Institute of Making of the University College London, as well as chancellors of Polish universities. 

A series of panel discussions will be held during the event focusing on girls and women taking up STEM education and careers, women in STEM in Poland and in the UK, gender equality in STEM education and professionals as well as the AI and new technologies and gender. The discussions will be followed by a meet-up featuring a selected group of top Polish ed-tech companies. 
To find out more about the Forum and register to participate, visit the website:

Biographies of selected panellists: 

Bianka Siwińska is a scientist and activist for women in technology, science, innovation. She is currently director of the ‘Perspektywy’ Educational Foundation. She initiated many public campaigns promoting girls in STEM in Poland such as „Girls to Technical Schools”, Start-up Academy for female students and young researchers, as well as projects: “Lean in STEM,”, “IT for SHE,” “Girls Learn!”, and „New technologies for girls” scholarships (in cooperation with Intel). She is an expert of World Bank in Tajikistan as well as initiator and director of the biggest event for women in technology in Europe – "Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit". 

Michał Dżoga is a Corporate and Government Affairs Director for the Europe Region at Intel Corporation. He is also a Council Chairman of the Coalition for Polish Innovations, a movement that advocates for innovation processes friendly legislature and good practices in Poland. In the past Michał Dżoga created and led the biggest corporate foundation in Poland – the TP Group Foundation, known today as the Orange Foundation, which initiated many innovative, country-wide projects in the field of new technologies and connectivity. He started his professional life running education projects for the President of the Republic of Poland. Michał Dżoga is an economist, graduated in International Affairs at the Warsaw School of Economics. 

Aleksandra Przegalińska is assistant professor at the Koźmiński University in Warsaw and currently visiting scholar at the Center for Collective Intelligence at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. A columnist and author of numerous scientific articles on artificial intelligence, she has also served in the Working Committee on Audio-visual Technology for the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and has received many prestigious awards for her work in robotics and artificial intelligence.