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Constitution for Science

The Constitution for Science organises the entire system of higher education and science in Poland. It creates the conditions for scientific and didactic excellence, ensures sustainable development of academic centres across the country, introduces doctoral schools and gives universities appropriate tools necessary for effective management.

Academia not only gave an impulse to create a comprehensive reform of Polish higher education and science but also participated in the process of creating the new act. For over two years, representatives of academe participated in consultations and conferences organized as part of the National Congress of Science. The directions of change were discussed then. This is the reason why numerous groups of academicians support the Constitution for Science.


Constitution for Science:

  • for the first time ever appreciates academics creating a special career path for them,
  • raises minimum salaries for academic teachers by an average of 800 PLN gross,
  • introduces more equitable evaluation of scientific achievements,
  • focuses on quality not on the number of scientific publications,
  • does not charge tuition fees for full-time studies,
  • effectively protects student rights,
  • introduces more traineeships to the curriculum,
  • provides grants to all PhD candidates in doctoral schools,
  • assures parental leave for students who need it,
  • reduces bureaucracy and increases organisational autonomy of universities,
  • introduces a mechanism that increases expenditures on higher education and science,
  • organises law in the area of ​​higher education and science and reduces the number of executive acts,
  • ensures sustainable development of academic centres in Poland.


Act of 20 July 2018 - The Law on Higher Education and Science
Act​_of​_20​_July​_2018​_-​_The​_Law​_on​_Higher​_Education​_and​_Science.pdf 1.17MB