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Recommendation issued by the Minister of Science and Higher Education after the meeting of the Team coordinating the activities of the system of higher education and science concerning the threat of COVID-19


Recommendation issued by the Minister of Science and Higher Education concerning the threat of COVID-19

It is recommended to strictly apply preventive measures that significantly reduce the risk of infection. It is recommended to check current information posted on the websites: and

On the GIS (Chief Sanitary Inspectorate) website you can get information on, among others: basic protective measures against coronavirus and the epidemiological and medical procedures (SARS-CoV-2).

In the event of a suspected infection of a member of the academic community with the SARS-Cov-2 virus, the authorities of the academic institution should contact the District Sanitary Inspector and follow the recommendations regarding hospitalization, quarantine or sanitary observation.

Decisions on mass events at universities, during an increased risk of coronavirus, should be made after consultation with the Voivode. The Voivode is also responsible for organization of quarantine. If it is necessary to impose quarantine at university facilities (e.g. student dormitories), this is done in consultation with the Voivode's services.

It is recommended to suspend the trips of Polish students, PhD students, academic teachers and researchers to areas threatened by SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus, as well as to stop the arrival of students, PhD students, academic teachers and researchers from these areas. According to the information of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (provided on an ongoing basis), the regions currently at risk are: China, Hong Kong and South Korea, Italy, Iran and Japan.

It is recommended to consider limiting academic exchange and business trips to other countries.

Depending on the further development of the situation, it is recommended to consider the possibility of postponing the international exchange to the next semester or enabling work and remote learning using modern technologies, e.g. those supported by telework tools and remote learning processes.

In medical education institutions, consideration should be given to limiting or suspending classes at isolation wards, according to the assessment of indicators made by the rectors.

Please be advised that all information related to the threat of coronavirus will be made available on an ongoing basis on the website of the Ministry, as well as disseminated through the conference of rectors and the Student Parliament of the Polish Republic.