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The Ministry of Science summarizes this year`s university admissions: computer science is the most popular program


Over 416 thousand students started their studies this academic year. As in the previous year, computer science, management and psychology were the most popular programs among candidates, according to the admissions report prepared by the Ministry of Science.

A Diploma and a graduate cap.

Economics and law close the top five of most popular programs.

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education announced that in the academic year 2018/2019, 416 153 people started studies at Polish universities - almost 13,000 less than a year earlier. More than 100,000 chose non-public higher education institutions.

The top five of the most popular first-cycle and first-cycle full-time undergraduate programs in Poland include: computer science (over 42,000 applications), management (over 27,000 applications), psychology (over 22,000 applications), economics (over 18,000 applications) and law (over 17 thousand applications). According to the Ministry of Science, the preferences of this year`s candidates were not much different than the choices made by university candidates last year: the top five courses are the same as in the last academic year.

The report shows that the most difficult course to get into was pharmaceutical engineering - on average, over 18 people competed for each place. Data engineering and analysis enjoyed similar interest (on average there were almost 18 candidates per place), as did forensic chemistry and toxicology (almost 17 candidates per place).

Among the most often chosen universities, the University of Warsaw is the leader with nearly 47 thousand candidates in this year`s recruitment. The second most popular Polish university is Warsaw University of Technology (45 thousand candidates). The Ministry of Science noted that last year the positions were reversed - Warsaw University of Technology was in the first place and the University of Warsaw was second.

The comparison looks differently, if the number of candidates for one place is taken into account. In this case, as in the previous year, Gdańsk University of Technology ranks first (8.8 candidates for one place). In the following places are: Warsaw University of Technology (7.2 candidates) and Poznan University of Technology (6.9 candidates).

Among the economic universities, Wrocław University of Economics was the most popular (over 9.7 thousand candidates), among the pedagogical universities - the Pedagogical University of Cracow (almost 10,000 candidates). Data from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education also show that the most popular agricultural or natural university in Poland is the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (over 10,500 candidates), the most popular physical education university - Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw (3.3 thousand candidates), and the most popular state higher vocational school is the State Higher Vocational School in Tarnow (1.6 thousand candidates).

At non-public higher education institutions, the most popular full-time studies turned out to be studies at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw (almost 4,000 candidates) and the most popular part-time studies were studies at the WSB University in Poznań (almost 6,000 candidates).

Data in the reports were provided by universities and included in the Integrated System of Information on Science and Higher Education "POL-on". They only concern universities supervised by the Minister of Science and Higher Education.

Full admissions report is available on the website of the Ministry of Science:


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