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Wojciech Murdzek

Minister of Science and Higher Education

Wojciech Murdzek

Electronics engineer, Mayor of Świdnica for many years, member of Sejm (lower house of the Polish Parliament) of the 8th and 9th term. Party activist of "Agreement".

During his time in Parliament he chaired the special parliamentary deregulation committee. He participated in the parliamentary committees on economy and development, public finances and the "commission of inquiry on VAT". He worked on the Act of November 4, 2016 amending some acts specifying the conditions for conducting innovative activity ("first act on innovation") as well as the Act of November 9, 2017 on amending certain acts to improve the legal environment of innovative activities ("the second act on innovation").

He was born on 13th December, 1957 in Świdnica. In 1981, he graduated from Wroclaw University of Science and Technology ­with a Master's degree in Engineering at the Faculty of Electronics. In 1988, he completed postgraduate studies in the field of Designing Microprocessor Systems at the same university. In 2008, he received a postgraduate degree in the field of New Public Management at the International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław.

In the years 1999–2002 he held the office of Starosta Świdnicki (district governor) and in years 2002–2014, the office of Mayor of Świdnica for three terms.

He is actively involved in social activities: since 1984 he has been a member of Fundacja Pomocy Biednym Dzieciom (Foundation to Help Needy Children) "Ut unum sint" (and has served as its president since 1990).
In years 2019-2020 he held the post of Secretary of State in the Ministry of Development.

He is a member of the board of Sieć Badawcza Łukasiewicz (Łukasiewicz Research Network).

Speaks fluent German.


+48 22 52 92 623