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COVID-19: Travel to Poland


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland advises against non-essential travel due to the ongoing pandemic.

coronavirus alert picture

On March 28, most existing bans and orders related to the Covid-19 pandemic were lifted.


As all travel restrictions to the Republic of Poland have been lifted, there is no longer any requirement to:

  • present a vaccination certificate when crossing the border
  • quarantine after crossing the border
  • possess a negative SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic test result when crossing the Polish border from countries outside of the Schengen/EU zone

Detailed information on the regulations governing entry into Poland, as well as current restrictions, are available on the websites of the Border Guard and the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.


Legal basis: Ordinance of the Council of Ministers of February 25, 2022 on the establishment of certain restrictions, orders and bans related to the epidemic (Journal of Laws, item 679).