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Informacja na temat pracy urzędu w związku z rozprzestrzenianiem się wirusa SARS – CoV-2 EN


Dear Sir or Madam,
Due to the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the territory of the Republic of Poland, for the care of your health and the employees of the Opole Voivodeship Office, please limit completely the personal settlement of matters in the Opole Voivodeship Office in Opole and handle them in the form of traditional or electronic correspondence.
Our telephone number is at your disposal 77 4524 125
Some matters can be dealt with using the ePUAP electronic inbox ePUAP /55s5j1nbiz/skrytka or by sending applications and letters by traditional mail or by e-mail to bok@opole.uw.gov.pl


Information on foreign matters can be obtained on the website of the Opole Voivodship Office, where you can also download relevant applications.
Clients who have already made an appointment at the Foreigners' Affairs Unit of the Opole Voivodship Office will be served in accordance with the agreed reservation.

For more information, please use the available phone numbers:

  • on the legalization of stay of foreigners  0800 033 010, 774524543
  • on information on the receipt of residence cards – 774524546, 774524691
  • on the issue of work permits - 774524560, 774524584, 774524544
  • on citizenship – 774524319, 774524332.

Please send all correspondence to the following address:
Opolski Urząd Wojewódzki
Wydział Spraw Obywatelskich i Cudzoziemców
ul. Piastowska 14 45-082 Opole
Submission of applications and delivery of documents for the legalization of stay and work permits will be possible via the Post Office or courier. Additionally, in the case of work permits, applications can be submitted via the website www.praca.gov.pl
Online booking is suspended until further notice.


Extraordinary regulations are introduced regarding customer service of the Passport Unit of Opole Voivodship Office in Opole.

  1. Passport Unit will serve customers from Mon. to Fri. from 7.45 to 15.00.
  2. In order to make an appointment, please contact us by phone 774411540, 774543464 .
  3. For information, please contact us by phone 774411540.
  4. Due to the need to collect fingerprints, customers will be asked to disinfect their hands before approaching the service stations.
  5. Online booking of visits to the Unit is suspended until further notice.

Due to the high risk of spreading the virus, in the interests of the health of our clients, we ask you to limit visits to the Office, especially for the elderly and children, and to deal passport matters only when absolutely necessary.
All other people who will not be using the passport in the near future are invited to the Office at a later date.


Please send all correspondence to the following address:
Opolski Urząd Wojewódzki
Wydział Infrastruktury i Nieruchomości
ul. Piastowska 14, 45-082 Opole

electronic correspondence can be sent using the ePUAP electronic inbox ePUAP /55s5j1nbiz/skrytka or /55s5j1nbiz/SkrytkaESP
General correspondence, not requiring an electronic signature please send using the central services card
“General letter to the public entity”
Link to the service:

In addition, in order to obtain information and to arrange the proceedings by the parties to read the documents, please use the telephone number of the Department secretary 774524130 and email in@opole.uw.gov.pl.

Wojewoda Opolski
Sławomir Kłosowski