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What we do

More and more interactions between citizens and state administration can be dealt with without leaving home. Sometimes all that is required are just a few clicks on a website. This way you can, for example, apply for a new identity card or report its loss, take advantage of the “Family 500+” subsidy programme, start your own business, check penalty points on your driving license or view the history of the vehicle you are buying. We already have over five hundred such e-services. But that’s not all.

With such extensive digitalisation of our lives, our security in cyberspace becomes paramount. This is an enormous – and one of the most crucial – areas of activity of the Minister of Digital Affairs, which is carried out in Poland, as well as in international cooperation. Poland is also a very active partner in building a fully developed digital single market, thanks to which we want to create a common European market for on-line services.

In this context, all activities of the Minister of Digital Affairs pertaining to the protection of personal data become very important, which will lead to further strengthening of security of citizens on the Internet.

Thanks to the activities of the Minister of Digital Affairs, the state administration has also become more open and transparent for citizens. The public data opening programme is also designed to help citizens and businesses achieve their own goals. 

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