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An agreement on enhanced defence cooperation between Poland and the US has been politically agreed


An agreement on enhanced defence cooperation between Poland and the US has been politically agreed. This will facilitate further deepening of military cooperation, including the increase in the presence of US soldiers in Poland. Soon, after the editorial work is finished, the contract is to be signed.

Polish and US soldiers during exercise

From 2018, during several dozen meetings in the White House, the Pentagon, the US Congress and in Poland, Mariusz Błaszczak, the Minister of National Defence, consistently sought to increase the number of US soldiers stationed on the territory of the Republic of Poland. As a result, US military involvement in Poland has been steadily increasing for several years. – We have succeeded. We have completed negotiations on a defence cooperation agreement. I would like to express my appreciation and thank all the people, Polish and American, for their very intensive work and commitment to strengthening transatlantic cooperation and common security - emphasized the head of the Ministry of National Defence.

Pursuant to two agreements signed by Presidents Andrzej Duda and Donald Trump, it was decided to change the formula for stationing US troops in Poland from rotating to endured. The number of US soldiers stationed in Poland will increase by approx. 1,000. to at least 5.5 thousand. The following locations have been agreed for the planned increased U.S. military presence:


  • Poznań was designated as the location of the Forward Division Command and of the support group at the US Army theater.
  • Drawsko Pomorskie has been designated as the headquarters of the Combat Training Center for joint use by the Polish and US Armed Forces.
  • Wrocław-Strachowice was designated as the seat of the USAF loading and unloading air base.
  • Łask was designated as the seat of a squadron of remotely operated aircraft of the USAF.
  • Powidz was designated as the headquarters of the Combat Aviation Brigade, a combat logistic support battalion and as a special forces facility.
  • Lubliniec was designated as the seat of another special forces facility.
  • Żagań / Świętoszów was designated for the Armored Brigade Combat Team.

Strengthening the presence of US troops in Poland concerns not only combat units, but also the development of specific capabilities in the field of reconnaissance, command or the adoption of additional forces in the event of an emergency. This introduces a new quality of US military presence both in Poland and in the entire region.

On July 29, Secretary of Defence M. Esper also announced the creation in Poland in the near future of the Forward Command of the 5th US Army Corps. Subsequent decisions strengthen the political and military involvement of the USA in Europe, including Poland. Together with NATO's enhanced forward military presence on the eastern flank of the Alliance, this increases the level of deterrence and defence of all Allies, including our region in particular.