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NATO's eastern flank will be reinforced


- NATO's eastern flank will be reinforced by implementation of NAC decisions taken, among others last year. (...) Poland is an important shareholder in this undertaking called “4x30”. One of the six land forces brigades creates the Polish Army, and Poland is the framework state. We also reported the participation of two F-16 squadrons. Security in Poland and on NATO's eastern flank has also been ensured thanks to our activity - said Mariusz Błaszczak, Minister of National Defence in London.

North Atlantic Council session with the participation of presidents and heads of government in London.

On December 4, the head of the Ministry of National Defence took part in the North Atlantic Council (NAC) session in the format of heads of states and heads of governments. During the meeting, NATO leaders summarized the process of implementation of decisions on the strategic challenges of the Alliance taken in Wales, Warsaw and Brussels, as well as the involvement of allies in international security efforts.

Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak noted that during the talks attention was paid to actions strengthening the eastern flank of NATO and emphasized the importance of declarations that within 30 days, 30 units of troops of three armed forces services would be ready to respond in an emergency - We care about safe Poland, and we achieve this goal through close cooperation within NATO - said the minister.

The head of the Ministry of National Defence also took part in the meeting of US President Donald Trump with representatives of countries allocating 2 percent of its GDP on defence. As he reminded, thanks to Poland's credibility, fulfilling its obligations, including the appropriate defence spending, Poland's position in NATO is becoming stronger, and this translates into the security of our country.

Defence Minister Błaszczak informed that also thanks to the activity of President Andrzej Duda and his talks with the President of Turkey, Turkey agreed to contingency plans for Poland and Baltic States being adopted by NATO.

During the meeting, NATO leaders also decided that space would become the fifth operational domain for NATO, next to land, air, sea and cyberspace. - We've increased readiness capabilities of our forces. I can announce that we have implemented the NATO readiness initiative. (...) We also agreed on a new action plan to increase efforts in the fight against terrorism. All allies remain involved in the fight against Islamic State and our training mission in Iraq and the training mission in Afghanistan - announced J. Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, summing up the meeting.


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