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Polish and US cooperation increases the potential of military universities


Joint implementation of programs aimed at exchange of experiences between Polish and US military universities was the main topic of talks between Deputy Defence Minister Tomasz Zdzikot and Arnold Chacon, vice-president of National Defense University.

T.Zdzikot w USA

During the meeting held in Washington, both sides pledged to start works on the cooperation agreement, which will determine the further directions of joint initiatives between Polish military universities, in particular the Polish Academy of War Art and US National Defense University.

The areas that will be jointly implemented include, among others cybersecurity, joint research, development of capacities and exchange of good practices. The deputy head of the Ministry of National Defence stressed that the development of military education is one of the ministry's priorities. He stressed that as part of the "" program launched in February, a number of initiatives enriching the educational offer were created. Increased, among others the increased limit of admission places for ​​cybersecurity studies. MBA studies in this field were launched, and Military Information Technology Secondary School at Military University of Technology is being established.


The National Defense University educates future leaders, including military commanders who will deal with international security issues in an increasingly dynamic and complex environment. The school conducts courses for the military, who in the future will have to face new challenges, such as as threats in cyberspace. It has a very rich programme and uses many modern education methods. It works with many scientists from international institutions.