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The Great Parade "Strong in Alliances" on May 3rd at Warsaw's Wisłostrada!


Great Parade Strong in Alliances

"Strong in alliances" is the slogan of this year's great parade, which will take place in Warsaw on May 3rd. Together, we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Poland's accession to NATO and the 15th anniversary of Poland's membership in the European Union.

If you are curious about the vehicles of the Polish Armed Forces, the Police, the State Fire Service or the Border Guard, then you must be with us on May 3rd from 14.00 hrs on "Wisłostrada" motorway. On this day, over 200 vehicles will pass through Warsaw during the parade. The most of them will be tanks and armored personnel carriers, but there will be also trucks, as well as smaller vehicles - quads and motorcycles.

Among the vehicles that will be shown by the Polish Army, we will see, among others: 14 Leopard tanks and 14 Rosomaks. There will be HMMWV trucks, WR-40 Langusta missile launchers, Krab and Dana self-propelled howitzers, Rak self-propelled mortars, Łowcza command vehicles, Topola EOD vehicles, and Poprad's self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system. Special Forces will show Ford 550 vehicles with an assault ramp and M-ATV MRAP armored vehicles used by soldiers, including during their a mission in Afghanistan.

Over 20 vehicles will be presented by the Border Guard. Patrol, terrain, observation, special vehicles and quads will pass through Warsaw streets. Police, in addition to police cars, will show mobile command post and Motorcycle Honor Detachment of the Warsaw Metropolitan Police Headquarters. The parade will also include units intended for policemen carrying out tasks in water bodies, carrying out patrolling and rescue operations. We will also see an ambulance. The State Fire Service will present, among others fire fighting vehicles and chemical and medical rescue vehicles.

In the parade, we will have the opportunity to see the vehicles of our military allies. US soldiers will present armored fighting vehicle Stryker and Patriot system. There will also be British Panthers and military vehicles used on a daily basis by soldiers of the Croatian and Romanian armies.

The Railway Protection Guards will present, among others, vehicles included in the mobile Monitoring Center.

Almost two thousand people will participate in the "Strong in Alliances" parade, including soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces and allied troops. There will be subunits of pro-defence formations, uniformed classes and national and foreign flag posts. This year, for the first time, personnel of the Police, Border Guard, State Fire Service, State Security Service, Railway Protection Guard, State Forests, as well as the Marshal's Guard, the Prison Service and the National Treasury Administration will participate. The sub-units of military universities: the Military University of Technology, the Naval Academy, the Academy of Land Forces and Air Force Military Academy will also join.

In the area of ​​the Fountain Park and on the Vistula Boulevards, you will be able to try military pea soup. At the promotional stands, which are organized as part of the "Be a Soldier of the Republic" campaign, you will be able to talk to soldiers about service in the Polish Armed Forces.

We invite you to celebrate together. Free entrance!