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Let's defeat the coronavirus together!

It’s all in our hands - download, launch, take care of yourself and each other.

About the application

STOP COVID is an application that will help us to emerge from the harshest restrictions associated with the pandemic. The more we use it, the faster and more effectively we will reduce the rate and range of the spread of the coronavirus. It also provides professional help to both healthy and infected people. The application uses the API developed by Apple and Google.

The application is completely secure, free, and voluntary.

As shown by studies, effective isolation of infected people and use of exposure notification applications (STOP COVID is an application of this type) can significantly reduce the risk of coronavirus spread by up to several dozen percent. However, there is one condition - the application has to be used by the largest possible number of people.

All in your hands.

How does it work?

The application consists of two modules. The first one is a module for health self-checks. It's a kind of “log” that allows you to verify on an ongoing basis whether you are in an infection-risk group and which group it is. It is based on the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) guidelines.

The second module scans your surroundings and communicates in case of a risk of contact with the virus. More about the STOP COVID application can be found in the How does it work.


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