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Consultations with the European Commission on preparations for the UK’s exit from the EU


On 31 January, representatives of the European Commission headed by Ms. Céline Gauer, Deputy Secretary-General of the EC, met with members of the Polish government to discuss the state of preparations for the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU. The consultations with the European Commission were opened by Konrad Szymański, Secretary of State for European affairs.

Consultations with the European Commission on preparations for the UK’s exit from the EU

“We appreciate the Commission’s engagement in preparations for any possible scenario of the UK’s exit from the EU. Our intensive contacts so far have yielded tangible results in the form of successive EC’s emergency plans in matters of key importance for Poland such as transportation or social insurance. The overriding goal of our activities is to ensure maximum predictability and security to our citizens and companies even if negotiations with the UK were to fail. Poland will do everything to prevent a no-deal Brexit, but we have to prepared for such scenario as well,” stressed Deputy Minister Szymański.

 The all-day negotiations organised by the Polish MFA and the EC were attended by representatives of ten ministries and central agencies. The aim of the consultations was to take stock of the state of preparations for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU at the national and EU levels. Citizens’ rights, judicial cooperation and a number of issues relating to trade relations with the UK were discussed.


MFA Press Office


Photo: Sebastian Indra / MFA