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Diplomatic Protocol

The Diplomatic Protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs plays in the Republic of Poland the role of state protocol, which determines the general rules of protocol to be followed by the state and self-government administration in relations with foreign partners, and with the local diplomatic and consular corps.

The Diplomatic Protocol performs the following tasks: it prepares the plans and programs of visits of heads of state, heads of government and foreign ministers, and is responsible for their implementation; it collaborates with the relevant organizational units in preparing and implementing the programs of visits by the secretary of state, under-secretaries of state and director-general of the foreign service.  

The Diplomatic Protocol prepares the audiences of foreign diplomatic representatives with the president of the Republic of Poland, chairman of the Council of Ministers, speakers of the Sejm and Senate, and the minister of foreign affairs; as needed, it participates in organizing visits by plenipotentiary representatives of the Republic of Poland to the president of the Republic of Poland, chairman of the Council of Ministers and foreign minister.

It also conducts matters concerning the accreditation of representatives of foreign states and international organizations based in Poland and of polish representatives abroad. It stands on guard that immunities and privileges are being adhered to and that reciprocity is being followed in the Republic of Poland and abroad, it partakes in drafting  international agreements and home law acts on diplomatic privileges and immunities.

The Diplomatic Protocol partakes in the procedure of granting state awards of the Republic of Poland to polish citizens permanently domiciled abroad and to  foreign citizens and in the procedure of granting the  honourable distinction “Bene merito” by the minister of foreign affairs of the Republic of Poland.



Order of precedence of heads of missions LISTA​_CD​_Urzędy​_Konsularne​_28022022
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List of Diplomatic Missions in Poland (26.05.2023)
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List of International Organizations in Poland (26.05.2023)
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List of Consular Posts in Poland (26.05.2023)
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Guide for diplomatic missions
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