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MFA warns of money scams targeting foreigners in Poland


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recently noted cases of individuals fraudulently pretending to be calling from the MFA official number: 022 523-90-00, published on the Ministry’s official website.

2019.12.13 Warszawa . Ilustracja , gmach . Budynek MSZ .
Fot. Tymon Markowski / MSZ

The individuals have been calling foreigners staying in Poland and informing them that they failed to comply with certain formalities while applying for a visa, for example, by submitting an incomplete file or providing incorrect personal data. This was to result in a threat of the foreigner being deported from Poland. In order to prevent the alleged deportation, the victim was asked to pay a specific sum of money through international money transfer providers.

In view of the above, we would like to explain that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not contact foreigners staying in Poland. The authorities competent for issuing visas are consuls employed at missions outside of Poland. In order to prevent similar attempts to fraudulently obtain money, if you receive a similar call, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends that you report to the nearest police unit and inform the MFA of such incident by writing at

MFA Press Office


Fot. Tymon Markowski / MFA