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Youth IGF

The Youth IGF initiative is geared towards integrating and engaging young people in a substantive discussion about Internet governance.

The Youth IGF accompanies the UN Internet Governance Forum – an open platform for dialogue for all stakeholders interested in shaping the future of the Internet and its inner workings.

Founded in 2020, Youth IGF Poland joined the global community, and its members have actively participated in the IGF 2020 Youth Summit, launching global collaboration with youth communities in other countries. From the very beginning, the activities of the Youth IGF Poland community have been under the patronage of NASK National Research Institute.


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IGF 2020 Youth Summit

The IGF Youth Summit will be one of the major events accompanying this year’s IGF. This is a great opportunity for young people from all over the world to present their point of view on Internet governance, as well as highlight the most current topics concerning young netizens.

Youth IGF Poland Steering Committee

Marta Musidłowska Uniwersytet Warszawski
Rafał Prabucki Uniwersytet Opolski
Emilia Zalewska Uniwersytet Warszawski