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Polish export offer in agri-food products

Poland is one of the major producers and exporters of agri-food products in the European Union. Over the recent years, Polish agriculture and agri-food processing have undergone profound modernization and adaptation to  high EU production standards in terms of food safety, quality and environmental impact. Currently, Poland exports agri-food products at the value of 32 bln euro a year. About 80% of Polish agri-food exports go to the tables of consumers in EU countries who are very demanding both in terms of products’ quality and diversity. In recent years the share of Polish exports to overseas is becoming higher and higher. Polish exporters have repeatedly proved that they are able to meet the highest requirements of their trade partners including both quality and the fair and competitive prices.

To assist You in leaning more on Polish agri-food sector and establishing good and lasting trade relationship with Polish partners, please use the links below to Polish sectoral organizations of agricultural producers, processors and traders, which cover the entire range of agricultural products from cereals and fruit & vegetables, through dairy, meat and eggs, up to processed products.