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Conference “In search of Polish identity. Polish Card, Poles and Polish cultural and historical heritage in the East.”


“Comprehensive support of the Polish State for Poles in the East is one of the key goals of our policy towards Polish diaspora, and Polish community abroad may be the perfect ambassador of Polish identity,” underlined Deputy Foreign Minister Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk during a conference at the History Meeting House in Warsaw.

Conference “In search of Polish identity. Polish Card, Poles and Polish cultural and historical heritage in the East.”

Today’s conference on Poles and Polish heritage in the East was accompanied by a launch of the book “In search of Polish identity. History written with Polish Card,” prepared by the Department of Cooperation with Polish Diaspora and Poles Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Ever since it became effective over ten years ago, the Act on the Polish Card made its rich yet little known history. With this publication we want to introduce you to the unknown chapters of Polish identity,” said the deputy chief of Polish diplomacy. He also added that the Polish Card is not only a part of the state policy, but also an important proof of fostering Polishness and a collection of very interesting histories of individuals and families. Deputy Minister Szynkowski vel Sęk noted that they are also the histories of places where preserving Polish language and fostering national traditions survived the times of trial and sometimes even persecution.

The policy of repatriation, which has been consistently implemented over the past few years by Polish authorities, is reflected, among others, in amendments to the acts on the Polish Card and repatriation made to meet the expectations of our compatriots. “As the ministry we feel the moral obligation of the Polish State to continue and develop the repatriation policy and implementation of the Act on the Polish Card,” said the deputy minister in his speech. He also stated that the MFA will strive to grant more and more repatriation requests and to improve the quality of repatriation of Poles from abroad.

In the ten-year-long history of the Polish Card, over 320,000 documents have been issued to confirm the holders’ affiliation with the Polish Nation. In 2019, on Government’s initiative, the geographical coverage of the Act and the opportunity of receiving the Card were extended to all the countries in the world. 

The event was organised in cooperation with the History Meeting House and POLONIKA The National Institute of Polish Heritage Abroad. The video coverage is available from:


MFA Press Office

Photo: Tymon Markowski / MFA


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