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Council of the Baltic Sea States foreign ministers hold video conference


“We are willing to consolidate multidimensional cooperation within the Council of the Baltic Sea States and other regional organisations. It can contribute to overcoming the effects of the pandemic and to the much-needed return to growth,” emphasised Minister Jacek Czaputowicz during talks with foreign ministers of the Baltic Sea states.

Council of the Baltic Sea States foreign ministers hold video conference

Minister Czaputowicz said he believes that thanks to the adopted reform, through political dialogue, and specific projects, the Council will implement strategy and policies which are important for the region. Commenting on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Minister Czaputowicz remarked that even though the initial responses to the pandemic outbreak came from states, which are responsible for ensuring the security of their citizens, it is international cooperation which is the key to overcoming the pandemic.

The chief of Polish diplomacy also stressed the importance of diversifying energy sources, improving security of supply, and reducing emissions. Noting the progress in the construction of the Baltic Pipe, he expressed his hope for continued good cooperation with Denmark, Norway, and Sweden as part of this project. In his address, the minister pointed out the alarming security developments such as military incidents, expanded military capabilities in Kaliningrad Province, and hybrid tactics: disinformation, cyber attacks, and hostile rhetoric.

In the adopted Bornholm Declaration, the ministers underlined the significance and uniqueness of the CBSS format, noting the organisation’s potential for supporting growth and stability in the Baltic Sea region and for fostering mutual understanding and trust between its states and societies. They also adopted the terms of reference of the CBSS and the CBSS Secretariat. The process of the Council’s reform is thus complete. Its goal was to increase its political relevance, enhance cooperation with other fora and formats, and improve its capacity to implement projects for the region.


MFA Press Office

Photo Tymon Markowski / MSZ