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Department of Economic Cooperation

The Department of Economic Cooperation supports the promotion of Poland’s economic interests abroad. It is responsible for the MFA’s and diplomatic missions’ collaboration with and diplomatic support for Polish strategic companies. As part of the MFA, the Department coordinates matters concerning energy and the country’s resource security in a global dimension.

The Department helps Polish businesses operating in key innovative sectors to pursue a more international approach. It analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the Polish economy, and the opportunities for companies in foreign markets. It advances the interests of medium-sized and large enterprises abroad, especially in non-European markets. It conceives promotional events and facilitates contacts. It works to strengthen the country’s energy and resource security in a non-EU dimension. It coordinates Poland’s membership of international economic organizations and institutions such as the OECD and WTO. It works in synergy with other government agencies responsible for economic promotion. About the measures it takes the Department consults with economic self-government organizations, business support institutions, and the academic community.


Tel.: +48 22 523 9203 
Fax: +48 22 523 9149