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Deputy Minister Marcin Przydacz attends Polar Task Force meeting


At its meeting today, the working group for polar affair (the so-called Polar Task Force) discussed efficient polar policy management, challenges related to sea and ocean pollution, effective digital diplomacy tools in promoting Poland’s polar policy and new international initiatives of Polish scientists.

Deputy Minister Marcin Przydacz at Polar Task Force meeting

In his opening speech Deputy Minister Przydacz addressed representatives of ministries, experts, polar researchers and MFA staff, emphasizing the importance Poland attaches to its activities in both polar regions. He said: “Alongside climate policy, polar policy is an important part of foreign policy.” Minister Przydacz also recalled that Poland’s activity and effectiveness in polar affairs translate into our involvement in various fora and in many valuable initiatives that we launch. “Poland is a significant player in polar affairs,” said the deputy minister, mentioning Polish scientists. “Polish researchers are recognized all across the world for their achievements in the exploration of the Arctic and the Antarctic,” he added.

Quoting recent reports of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Deputy Minister Przydacz recalled that rapid climate change forces us to adopt a wider, more comprehensive approach to emerging threats. He added that it is of vital importance to strengthen Poland’s internal coordination and cooperation to allow an informed analysis of the ongoing changes, ensure an appropriate response, and plan adequate measures in advance.

The Polar Task Force, established at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2011, is a working platform for experts dealing with the Arctic and the Antarctic to discuss matters related to science and research, as well as the economy, geopolitics and tourism.


MFA Press Office

Photo: Tymon Markowski / MFA