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Diplomacy for business

The main goal of economic diplomacy is to support Polish businesses on foreign markets. The MFA partners with the business community, analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the Polish economy, and opportunities for companies abroad.

We analyse government programmes that have an impact on the state's economic policies. We monitor major institutions and market participants in the countries of potential interest to Polish companies. We draw attention to phenomena and processes relevant to business people. This strengthens the international position of Polish companies, including increasingly in non-European markets, where diplomatic support is particularly expected. We offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to take part in official foreign visits. This facilitates contacts with business partners and helps overcome institutional barriers.

We are trying to seize the opportunities offered by Poland's membership of international organisations to promote our economic interests. We support the participation of Polish companies in projects and tendering procedures of these organisations. We share our knowledge and practical advice, organise training and inform them about potential fields of cooperation.

Our activities are primarily addressed to medium-sized and large businesses. We are in regular contact with companies of strategic importance to Poland's economy. We make every effort to ensure that the geographical directions of our diplomatic activity match the plans of Polish entrepreneurs on foreign markets.

Our good practices encompass building relations with both economic self-governments and territorial administration units, which as part of their development strategies, including the Strategy for Responsible Development, also pursue activities promoting the Polish economy abroad.