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Foreign correspondents

Information for foreign correspondents accredited to Poland by the MFA.

The MFA Press Office wishes to remind you that accreditation cards issued by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to foreign correspondents accredited to Poland have to be renewed for 2020.

In order to renew an accreditation card, foreign correspondents should provide to the MFA Press Office:

  • Valid accreditation card 
  • Original letter from their editorial office (in Polish or English) requesting the renewal for 2020
  • Filled accreditation form

Failure to provide the due letter of request from the editorial office will result in an unsuccessful accreditation renewal.

Accreditation renewal is processed at the MFA Press Office.

Phone: 22 523 9533



Accreditation form
Formularz​_akredytacyjny​_FA.doc 0.04MB
List of foreign correspondents
Lista​_korespondentów​_07​_18​_1.pdf 0.05MB