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Jakub Wawrzyniak is chosen Consul of the Year 2019


“I thank you for your effort, everyday work and diligence in fulfilling this honourable, but sometimes difficult mission in the consular service,” Minister Jacek Czaputowicz said at a ceremony to honour Jakub Wawrzyniak, Polish Consul General in Cologne, with the Consul of the Year Award.

a ceremony to honour Jakub Wawrzyniak, Polish Consul General in Cologne, with the Consul of the Year Award.

The foreign minister also said: “I hope that this award will not only be an acknowledgement of your achievements, but also a motivation for further hard work.”

Jakub Wawrzyniak received the Andrzej Kremer Consul of the Year Award for efficient management of the Consulate General in Cologne, commitment to providing a high quality service and support for the local Polish community. The consular district for which Consul General Jakub Wawrzyniak is responsible is one of the largest in the world. The consulate provides services for the biggest community of Poles and people of Polish descent in Germany. As a result, it handles a huge workload of consular assistance, passports, citizenship and legal issues. The district hosts the largest Polish diaspora organizations in Germany, including the Congress of Polonia in Germany, the Christian Centre for Promoting Polish Traditions, Culture and Language in Germany, and the Union of Poles in Germany “Rodło.” “Consul Wawrzyniak strongly supports the local Polish community in its activities,” Minister Jacek Czaputowicz said at the award ceremony.

In August 2019, the protocole of North Rhine-Westphalia State Chancellery and the local consular corps asked Consul Wawrzyniak to become the Dean of the Consular Corps in appreciation of his engagement, dedication and efficiency as well as in recognition of his cooperation with the consular corps and local authorities.

In his thank-you speech, Consul Jakub Wawrzyniak emphasized the importance of team work: “This has been a very intense year, full of anniversaries. All consuls and other consular staff deserve recognition for their commitment.” He also thanked the ministry for supporting consuls in their everyday work.

Each year, Polish foreign minister honours one outstanding consular official with the Andrzej Kremer Consul of the Year Award. The prize was established in 2010 in memory of MFA’s Undersecretary of State Andrzej Kremer who rendered great service to Polish diplomacy. Andrzej Kremer died in the Smolensk plane crash in April 2010.


MFA Press Office

Photo: Tymon Markowski/MFA

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