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Meeting of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS


“We need to remain united to stabilize the region and prevent an ISIS reemergence,” Minister Jacek Czaputowicz told during a meeting of foreign ministers of the Global Coalition to Defeat the so-called Islamic State (ISIS). The meeting, held in Washington, was chaired by United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Meeting of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS

The discussion took stock of the military, stabilization and humanitarian action taken so far by the Global Coalition in Iraq and Syria, and set the goals for 2019. The ministers agreed that the main challenge was to prevent a Daesh resurgence in the Middle East and in other regions, and to rebuild and stabilize the liberated territories. The Global Coalition will continue its efforts to counter terrorist financing, internet radicalization and threats related to a return of foreign terrorist fighters.

In his speech, Minister Czaputowicz underscored that despite the Coalition’s successful record, ISIS remains a strong terrorist group. “As a follow-up to the successful first phase of the operation, we should undertake more resolute stabilization efforts of a non-military nature,” stressed the chief of Polish diplomacy. He also recalled that Poland has been a member of the Global Coalition practically from its inception, actively participating both in military actions and in funding stabilization and humanitarian measures. 

The Polish MFA chief emphasized the need to ensure a broader stabilization of the situation in the Middle East. “If we fail to achieve a lasting peace and stability, our financial and military effort will be wasted,” said Minister Czaputowicz. In this context he outlined the goals of the ministerial conference on the Middle East, organized together with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Warsaw on 13-14 February.

In his remarks to the participants of the ministerial meeting, President Donald Trump pointed out that thanks to the great commitment of all Global Coalition members, a vast territory inhabited by more than five million people was liberated from ISIS. This led to the dismantlement of ISIS’ economic base. “It should be formally announced sometime probably next week that we will have 100 percent of the caliphate,” said President Trump, thanking military officers, diplomats and politicians from 74 countries and 5 organizations that form the Global Coalition against ISIS.

The Global Coalition was established in September 2014 on the initiative of the US. Today it brings together 79 states and organizations (including NATO and the EU). Its activities (operation Inherent Resolve) have played a crucial role in disintegrating ISIS and liberating the Middle Eastern areas that had been occupied by this terrorist group.

MFA Press Office


Photo Martin Wołk / MFA