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Minister Jacek Czaputowicz attends extraordinary Foreign Affairs Council meeting


“In this crisis situation we need to stay united within the transatlantic community,” said Minister Czaputowicz summarising the session of the Foreign Affairs Council (FAC), which was urgently summoned in Brussels on Friday.

Minister Jacek Czaputowicz attends extraordinary Foreign Affairs Council meeting

A significant number of EU member states, including Poland, expressed their concern about the growing destabilisation in the Middle East and its implications for global security.

Ministers agreed that the EU has to take measures to de-escalate tensions. “The priority should be to launch a political process which will lead to outlining a comprehensive agreement covering Iran’s nuclear and regional ambitions,” said Minister Czaputowicz summarising the Friday FAC session.

According to the chief of Polish diplomacy, EU ministers agreed during the meeting that the current developments only deepen the political crisis in Iraq and increase the possibility of its further destabilisation. “We fully support Iraq’s sovereignty and independence. The EU should continue to support Iraq,” declared the minister, highlighting that Poland will attach great significance to consultations and cooperation between the EU and the US., coordination of their activities, and the continuation of the anti-ISIS coalition.

The Friday talks of EU foreign ministers also focused on Iran taking next steps to violate the 2015 nuclear deal (JCPOA). Minister Czaputowicz underlined that the JCPOA constituted a considerable achievement of multilateral diplomacy and non-proliferation efforts. “In the light of recent events, maintaining the agreement seems to be more and more difficult. But even so, we hope that Iran will continue to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency,” concluded Poland’s top diplomat.

The Friday meeting also dealt with the conflict in Libya. “The Libya conflict cannot be solved by escalating military actions. All parties should urgently return to the negotiating table,” said Minister Czaputowicz. He also expressed hope that the Berlin Process initiated by Germany will allow the launch of political dialogue within Libya.


MFA Press Office

Photo: Tymon Markowski/MFA