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Polish Chairmanship in the Berlin Process is more than just the Western Balkans (WB) Summit. There were other events: meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences, implementing priorities of the Polish Presidency.

February 15th: WB Ministers for European Affairs and European Commission (EC) meeting

February 25th: roundtable with the civil society, Tirana

February 26th: roundtable with the civil society, Podgorica

February 28th: roundtable with the civil society, Sarajevo

March 6th: PL, UK and Global Initiative against Organized Crime seminar on anti-corruption, Warsaw

April 11th to 12th: Berlin Process Ministers of Foreign Affairs meeting

April 24th to 25th: roundtable with the civil society, Pristina

April 24th to 25th: WB and PL Statistical Offices conference, Warsaw

May 9th: Balkan Dinner, Poznań

May 10th to 18th: WB Cultural Week, Poznań

May 13th to 14th: WB Think-Tank Forum Reinforcing the European Integration of the Western Balkans, Skopje 

May 21st to 26th: 21-26: Balkan Film Fest, Poznań

May 29th: Conference Western Balkans: Infrastructure and Energy from a Geopolitical Perspective, Warsaw

May 29th to 31st: Seminar Digital Youth Work and Innovation, Warsaw

June 4th to 6th: Forum of Cities and Regions Investing in Western Balkans - Investing in Europe, Rzeszów

Participants and partners of the Berlin Process organized i. a. following events

January 24th: Civil Society Forum Conference, Belgrade

March 28th: stocktaking seminar on bilateral issues, Skopje

April 4th to 5th: Digital Summit, Belgrade

April 16th to 17th: Civil Society Forum, Tirana

May 28th to 29th: Youth conference How to better respond to the European Aspirations of the Young Generation in Western Balkans?, Bucharest

May 28th to 30th: Joint Science Conference, London

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