Regional heads of missions conference in Ankara

Minister Lang in Ankara

“The region of the Middle East and North Africa presents not only numerous challenges but also opportunities and prospects for Polish diplomacy,” emphasized Deputy Minister Maciej Lang, opening the regional conference of heads of Polish missions in the Maghreb countries and the Middle East.

The meeting, organized by the Department of Africa and the Middle East, was held in the Polish embassy in Ankara. It brought together the heads of Polish foreign missions in Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Algeria, Lebanon and Chargé d'affaires RP in Syria as well as Polish Foreign Ministry representatives.

The conference focused on the current situation in the Middle East and discussed the possibilities of forging closer bilateral links between Poland and the Middle Eastern and North African countries. The diplomats also talked about strengthening Poland’s voice within European Union’s actions in the region. “The conference aims to discuss the activities of missions to advance Poland’s interests in the Middle Eastern region,” noted Deputy Minister Lang.


MFA Press Office


Photo: Radosław Sadowski / MFA

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