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Poland and The United States Announce Details of the Warsaw Process Working Groups


Poland and The United States are pleased to announce details of the upcoming Warsaw Process Working Groups. These working groups will drive momentum on areas of consensus to advance our shared security interests in the Middle East and enhance regional cooperation.

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Representatives of more than 60 nations from around the world, the EU and NATO attended the Warsaw Ministerial to Promote a Future of Peace and Security in the Middle East in February 2019. At the conclusion of the meeting, Poland and The United States announced the creation of seven working groups: (1) counterterrorism and illicit finance; (2) missile non-proliferation; (3) maritime and aviation security; (4) cybersecurity; (5) energy security; (6) humanitarian issues and refugees; and (7) human rights. These working groups will meet at the expert level.

In the spirit of collaboration and partnership fostered at the Warsaw Ministerial, countries from around the world are collaborating with Poland and The United States on this initiative. The Republic of Korea will host the Working Group on Cybersecurity from October 7-8. The United States will host the Working Group on Human Rights from October 10-11. The Kingdom of Bahrain will host the Working Group on Maritime and Aviation Security from October 21-22. The Republic of Poland will host the Working Group on Energy Security from October 24-25. Finally, Romania will host the Working Group on Missile Proliferation from November 14-15.

Details of two additional working groups will be announced soon.  


MFA Press Office