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Michał Widelski

Director General

Michał Widelski


He works as an Acting Director General of the Office specified in the Act of 21 November 2008 on civil service (Dz. U. [Journal of Laws] of 2014, item 1111, as amended). 

He manages:

Director General’s Office;
The Department of Budget and Finance, with the exception of matters pertaining to the performance of the tasks of the administrator of the budgetary part.

Graduate of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Warsaw (2003). He started his work in government administration in the Central Construction Authority (2004), where he worked as an inspector and as a specialist, working on international cooperation and other matters. From 2005 to 2007, he was a student at the National School of Public Administration. During that time, he interned at the Ministry of Interior and Administration, as well as at the Scottish Executive Justice Department. After completing his education at the NSPA, he joined the Chancellery of the Prime Minister as the main specialist, where he coordinated the work of the team responsible for the registry of state human resources, as well as cooperated with public finance sector entities in applying the provisions of the Act on State Human Resources and High State Positions. In the years 2007-2011, he served as Deputy Director of Communications Office and IT of the Border Guard Headquarters, where he was responsible for financial matters. In 2011, he returned to work in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, where he was appointed Director of the Director General's Office. His scope of responsibilities included public procurement, property management, IT and human resources. Since 2013, he has also held the position of Deputy Director General of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. He has been awarded the Bronze and Silver Medal of Merit for National Defence. 

Outside of work, he is an active freediving enthusiast.

Contact with the Director General Secretariat

The Ministry of Digital Affairs
Królewska 27
00-060 Warsaw
Phone: +48222455442

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