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Polish Aid

Poland Aid is the name of Poland's development cooperation programme carried out pursuant to the Development Cooperation Act of 16 September 2011. The programme encompasses measures taken by government agencies to provide developing countries or their societies with:

  1. development assistance, which specifically involves:
    1. promoting and supporting the development of democracy and civil society, including the development of parliamentary system, principles of good governance, and respect of human rights;
    2. promoting sustainable socio-economic development, taking action to reduce poverty and improve population health and improve the level of education and professional qualifications of the population;
  2. humanitarian aid, in particular providing assistance, care and protection to populations affected by armed conflicts, natural disasters or other humanitarian crises caused by nature or man;
  3. global education, aimed at raising awareness and understanding of global issues and interdependence between countries.

Pursuant to the aforementioned act, the Council of Ministers adopts the Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme, which sets out geographical and thematic areas of actions supported by Poland. In order to implement the Programme, government agencies work together with non-governmental organisations, public finance units, the Polish Academy of Sciences and its subordinate units, and universities at the national level, as well as with international organisations (European Union, United Nations, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). Development aid projects are also implemented through Polish diplomatic missions. Other forms of cooperation include: the Polish Aid Volunteering Programme, activities of the Eastern Partnership Academy of Public Administration, and the Ignacy Łukasiewicz and Stefan Banach Scholarship Programmes.


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Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme 2016-2020
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Development Cooperation Plan for 2019
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