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International bonds

The basic objective of the sale of Polish securities on foreign markets is strengthening of Poland's position as a trustworthy issuer on the international financial market. Those issues are also significant for financing the State Budget borrowing requirements.

Poland's presence on the international market enables to diversify the sources of financing the State Budget borrowing requirements and provides access to foreign institutional investors with substantial financial resources. Moreover, foreign issues of Polish Treasury securities serve as a benchmark for Polish banks and enterprises that issue their own debt securities on foreign markets.


Transaction database - international bonds
Baza​_transakcji.xls 0.39MB
The Ministry of Finance Regulation on the conditions for issuing treasury bonds offered on foreign markets (Polish and English version)
Rozporządzenie​_Ministra​_Finansów.pdf 0.21MB
Regulations on the conditions of repurchase tender of bonds issued on foreign markets
Regulations​_repurchase​_tender.pdf 0.05MB
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07.07.2020 10:54 Anna Paluszkiewicz
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07.03.2019 16:51 Konrad Gmurkowski