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GFS monthly data


SDDS​_metodologia​_prezentowania​_danych​_GFS​_(1)​_​_wersja​_EN.pdf 0.27MB
financial operations of the central budget
20190821​_financial​_operations​_of​_the​_central​_budget.xls 0.19MB
financial operations of the central level
20190821​_financial​_operations​_of​_the​_Central​_Level.xls 0.16MB
financial operations of the consolidated central level
20190821​_financial​_operations​_of​_the​_consolidated​_Central​_Level.xls 0.22MB
financial operations of the social security funds
20190821​_financial​_operations​_of​_the​_social​_security​_funds.xls 0.20MB
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Information on the publication of the document
First published on:
18.02.2019 13:51 Paulina Gronek
Written by:
Macroeconomic Policy Department
Title Version Edition / publication data
SDDS 3.0 21.08.2019 11:52 Monika Błaszczyk
SDDS 2.1 23.07.2019 07:55 Paulina Gronek
SDDS 2.0 28.06.2019 12:23 Paulina Gronek
SDDS 1.9 24.06.2019 13:53 Paulina Gronek
SDDS 1.8 21.05.2019 11:53 Paulina Gronek
SDDS 1.7 24.04.2019 16:27 Paulina Gronek
SDDS 1.6 10.04.2019 13:55 Paulina Gronek
SDDS 1.5 21.03.2019 12:11 Paulina Gronek
SDDS 1.4 22.02.2019 07:09 Paulina Gronek
SDDS 1.3 22.02.2019 07:07 Paulina Gronek
SDDS 1.2 21.02.2019 17:10 Monika Błaszczyk
SDDS 1.1 21.02.2019 16:34 Monika Błaszczyk
SDDS 1.0 18.02.2019 13:51 Paulina Gronek

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