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The Ministry of Finance (MF) is a governmental administration office servicing the minister competent for the state budget, public finance and financial institutions.

One of the fundamental tasks of the MF is preparation, execution and control over implementation of the state budget. Moreover, the Ministry deals with the financing system for local governments, the budget zone and state security and manages the public debt.

The MF is also responsible for implementation of state income and expenses, including income from taxes, as well as for financial, credit and payment cooperation with foreign countries and implementation of provisions regarding customs.

The MF executes tasks related to the operation of financial markets, including banks, insurance companies and investment funds, and tasks related to trade in securities. Moreover, it initiates governmental policy with respect to the securities' market.

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19.02.2019 14:28 Paulina Pawlik
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19.02.2019 14:28 Paulina Pawlik