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Public debt

News and press releases   Outstanding debt
News and press releases, including monthly and quarterly plans of financing the State budget borrowing requirements.
  Public debt
State treasury debt
Historical data
T-bills and T-bonds   Retail bonds
Information on securities offered at auctions organized by National Bank of Poland. In section available:
Auction calendars; Auction results; Transactions database; Auction procedures; Legal acts; Letters of issue;  Calculators; Indexation coefficients; Coupons.

Retail bonds are sold by issue agent (PKO Bank Polski S.A) in over 1000 Customer Service Outlets but also can be purchased through internet, "Inteligo" account and telephone. In section available: How to buy; Current offer; Sale results; Useful and archival data; Letters of issue.

International bonds   Primary Dealers
Issues of foreign bonds are arranged by reputable investment banks active on the international market. In section available information on: Issuance procedures, Transactions database; Letters of issue.
  Primary dealers are Polish banks and foreign entities that meet the requirements set out in the Rules and Regulations Governing the Activities of the Treasury Securities Dealer. In section available: List of Primary Dealers; Ranking; Regulations; List of benchmark issues.
Current ratings and historical changes.
Secondary market and structure of investors   Publications
Information on the value of transactions on the Treasury Securities secondary market in section Secondary market statistics. Value of transactions on TS by type of transaction (i.e. outright, repo and buy-sell-back) and by type of market (T-bonds only) - Structure of investors.
  The following publications are available:
  • The Public Finance Sector Debt Management Strategy
  • Annual reports
  • Monthly bulletin (Treasury Securities supply and its background)
  • Other publications

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