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Secondary market and structure of investors


Trading on the secondary market for Treasury securities is performed on the markets: non-regulated OTC market, the Treasury BondSpot Poland electronic platform and on regulated markets of Warsaw Stock Exchange and BondSpot S.A, (T-bonds only).

Secondary market statistics includes data on value of transactions on domestically issued Treasury securities by types of transactions (i.e. outright, repo and buy-sell back) and by types of markets (T-bonds only) as well as by marketable T-bonds issues.

Structure of investors presents the tables including the nominal outstanding of domestically issued Treasury securities by holders, institutional and geographical distribution of non-residents holdings as well as daily data on non-residents T-bonds and T-bills holdings. Additionally, the attached files: portfele_po_seriach.xls and portfele_nierezydentow_po_seriach.xls include monthly time series on the T-bonds nominal outstanding by issues.

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31.12.2018 11:32 Anna Czarnecka